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Omaha Public Schools

School Improvement Plan 2016-17

Elementary School: Wilson Focus School       



Growth Goals


Goal Area: Mathematics

Focus Skill(s): Number Sense

Strategy:  Checks for Understanding & Descriptive Feedback

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All subgroups will increase NeSA-M by 5%   (75.89% to 81%)


Goal Area: Reading

Focus Skill(s):  Comprehension

Strategy: Checks for Understanding & Descriptive Feedback

Measurable Objective (growth goal):  All subgroups will increase NeSA-R by 5% (80.36% to 85.4%)


Goal Area: Science

Focus Skill(s): Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth/Space

Strategy:  Checks for Understanding & Descriptive Feedback

Measurable Objective (growth goal): All subgroups will increase NeSA-S by 5% (79.31% to 84.31%)


Goal Area: Writing

Focus Skill(s): Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice and Conventions

Strategy:  Checks for Understanding, Conferencing with descriptive feedback utilizing “Being a Writer”

Measurable Objective (growth goal):  TBD based on decisions at state level for writing assessment


Goal Area:   Climate

Focus:  Students treat one another with respect.

Strategy:  Love and Logic Training, PBIS, Boystown Reteaching Positive Behaviors, Energy Bus, 7 Habits of Effective Teens/Happy Kids

Measurable Objective (growth goal):  Increase from 2.64 to 3.64


Goal Area: Wellness

Focus: Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Physical Activity, School-Based Activity

·      Nutrition Strategy: Water bottles given to all students for daily use; Grab and Go Breakfast;  AgFest 4th Grade in Mead, NE, Student Council snack cart offering healthy choices; Healthy after school snack

·      Nutrition Education Strategy:  Fruit and Vegetable program; promote school lunches on morning news; Nutrition Services activities implemented

·      Physical Activity Strategy:   Extra P.E.; Enrichment Classes (Physical Activity requirement on 1 out of 3 classes); GoNoodle; Brain Break Activities

·       School-Based Activity Strategy:  Flu Vaccinations thru Walgreens; Walk-a-thons; EHA Wellness Participation; All School Walk-a-thons



Our History

    All districts participate in school improvement planning. The Underwood Hills Focus School started the AdvancED (called Advance Education) accreditation process through the Nebraska Department of Education.  The name has now changed to the Wilson Focus School. The process represents the unified accreditation process for the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). In order to earn and maintain this accreditation schools must follow the AdvancEd accreditation process. This process also meets the State Department of Education requirements for school accreditation. The process is ongoing strategic planning that focuses on the success of all students with student achievement as the end result. All school buildings and districts set goals and implement a strategic improvement plan especially adapted to the needs and interests of students, parents, staff and community. AdvancEd is expected to increase innovation and improvement, increase student achievement and participation in the learning process, focus on planning and implementation, and empower school staff and clientele in the process.

During 2008-2009 (our first year) we are gathered data and got baseline information on where our students were achieving. We then created academic achievement goals based upon the direction of our student data. We started with a communication goal, a math/science goal and a safe and secure climate goal. Our safe and secure climate goal is: We will develop a safe and supportive learning environment where students thrive.

During 2009-2010 our goals were realigned to match our data and we had three goals: a math goal, a reading goal and a behavior goal.  Assessments were aligned as well and we are gathered data to help our students improve achievement. The staff consistently reviewed data and created SMART goals with strategies to improve in each area. Our ongoing needs assessment assured that we were always planning for success!

In 2010-2012 our school improvement goals were:  all students will improve Math procedures and problem-solving skills across the curriculum,  All students will increase reading vocabulary and comprehension across the board, All students will demonstrate respect and responsibility for others in the learning environment and school activities. Our school will develop a safe and secure learning environment where students thrive, Our school will increase school, family, and community partnerships focusing on Epstein’s six areas of involvement: parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with community. 

From 2012 to present our goals have continued to evolve and have been recalibrated based upon our constant needs assessment.  Our current School Improvement Plan (SIP) incorporates:  goals, focus skills, strategies and measurable objectives (growth/stretch goals).  This SIP plan is integrated through our AdvancEd and extends the scope of our school improvement to critically look at the elements that create success and establish academic and social achievement.