Enrichment / Extended Day

At the Focus School enrichment is an important part of our day. Monday through Thursday our students have the opportunity to attend special interest classes. Students that choose to stay into our extended time enjoy the classes that run for six to eight weeks. We run five different sessions each year, so there are always different classes of interest. At 3:30 all students get a snack and then enrichment runs from 3:40-4:25. The classes usually extend and enhance our theme of Leadership, Technology and Communication.
Wellness - Nutrition & Active Lifestyle                    Academic Suppor
 Outdoor Sports    Test Edge
   Small Group Tutoring
 Cheerleading    Writing Club
 Tae Kwon Do    Literacy Activities
 Dance - Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop    Reader's Theater
 Judo    Math Magic
 Meditation    Magic Tree House
 Walking Club    R.O.A.R. (Reading Club)
 Biking Club    Study Island
 Cooking    First in Math
 Nutrition Class    
 Gardening Club   Technology
Leadership    Vex Robotics
 Boy Scouts    Lego Robotics (Gear Tech 21)                 
 Boys to Men    iMovie
 Empowerment Project Leadership    Garage Band
 PALS (Peer Ambassador Leadership)    Jeopardy Game Design
 No Place For Hate    Web Design
 Service Learning    Scratch (Game Design)
 Student Council    SketchUp
 Morning News - Broadcasting    Comic Life
 Public Speaking -
   Speeches That Changed the World
 Student Newspaper    
Enrichment Activities -                     
 Kid's Choir    Quilting Bee 
 Guitar Lessons    Knitting Club
 Puzzles & More    Needlepoint
 Strategy Games    Animal Care
 Go Fish & More Card Games                      Babysitting Club                                    
 Chess Club    Chinese
 Bridge    French
 Archeology    Sign Language
 Crime Scene Investigations    Pottery