NeSA Stategies

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  1. Get plenty of rest. An 8-10 hour night of sleep is highly suggested for children.
  2. In the morning, make sure your child has plenty of time so they won't feel rushed.
  3. Plan on a healthy breakfast, either at home or at school.
  4. Have a positive attitude.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing and don't forget your eyeglasses if you wear them.
  6. Be at school on time every day during testing.  Tests have a starting time.  Late students will not be sent to the classroom. Tests will need to be made up at a different time.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT schedule medical/dental appointments or check students out during testing times.
  8. Encourage your children to do their best. Explain to them the importance of their score and how staff uses it to create their learning goals. We need the best picture of their ability.  NO GUESSING!
  9. The test is NOT timed, so encourage them to take it slow, reread and eliminate answer choices before choosing their final answer.
  10. Give your child a hug and wish them good luck.

First in Math

First in Math

The school has purchased a site license for First in Math and each student has their own password to access it.  A letter was sent home Friday, December 16th, prior to Winter Break with your child's username and password.   They were shown how to access the site and started playing in the classroom, so they should know how to navigate the site.  Students earn points and prizes for themselves, their class, and our school.  This is a national competition game in which each student is competing with other students in Nebraska and the nation.  Encourage them to play at home and earn as many points as possible.  

Practice State Tests

Arkansas: (Example Reading tests give answers in student assessment)
California: (Starts with Gr. 2 – All subjects)
Delaware (Samples – Not complete tests)
Florida (Grade 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 – Great practice Reading/Math)

Georgia (Study Guides – Lots of scrolling. Practice, and answer key w/explanations)
Idaho (Reading – Grade 4 – one story. Math – All grade levels. )

Illinois (Grade 3-8 Reading & Math)

Maryland (Reading & Math)

Massachusetts (Reading & Math) (Several Years) (2007 only)

New York (Reading & Math Gr. 3-5. Years 2006-2010. Lots of practice!!!!)

Texas 2005-2008 (Scroll down, click on year. Lots of practice!)

Virginia (Lots of practice!!!)