Mr. Gruber's Bio

Mr. Gruber originally hails from Iowa, where he graduated from Iowa State University in 2001 with a BAchelor's degree in Muic Education.  He has since moved to Omaha, where he has realized that Cyclone fans are far outnumbered by the Husker majority.

After two years as assistant director at Omaha North High School, Mr. Gruber began teaching band and strings in grades four through six as a travelling music teacher.  In 2005 Mr. Gruber earned a Master's degree in Music Education from the University of Nebraska - Omaha.  He is currently teaching at four elementary schools, one of which is Wilson Focus School.

Outside of school, he teaches private lessons on guitar and bass guitar, plays an occasional jazz gig or two, and plays bass on the worship team at Lifegate Church.  Home is where he likes to spend a lot of his time, though.  It's probably because he has such a great family!



PARENTS:  Thank you for all your help in finding an instrument for your child!  We are now up and going, and making great progress.  

You can assist your child by establishing a daily practice routine.  During this daily time, your child can play the exercises we are doing in class.  Even a small amount of time, repeated over several days, can help make your child successful.

Why wait until December?  Your child knows some songs RIGHT NOW!  Why not ask them to play a little concert for you?